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We are few minutes away from 2017,it's been a tough year, filled with lots of challenges and people, but few days to the end of the year,  I started reminiscing on the past how I began 2016,and where I am,  a lot of changes has occurred in my life I hope it did In yours o.

With the current economy crisis in the country, lot of excuses are being laid as a reason for failure. But I'm glad I haven't had a reason for that also, being a sole owner of a blog is not easy and trying to build it to a standard  itself is not.

Im grateful to God and my readers of streettap blog.
Streettapblog.com.ng has always wanted to be a versatile blog, ranging  from news, tech, entertainment, lifestyle health and more.... We are still working on a forum to connect lot of people from the street with a vision to succeed the entrepreneur way, build their hope and work on their weakness.we hope to get lot of investors who will be willing to invest in your  vision.

Happy new year to you all #streettapblog 

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